Advertising on PlasmaSpider

Advertising on PlasmaSpider is easy, affordable, and very effective. Our ad structure places 2 advertisers in each ad location, and delivers equal impressions for each ad as pages are loaded by our users. See below for banner ad size requirement, monthly pricing, and contact us with any questions using the link at the bottom of this page.

$139.00 per month

-Your ad location is shared with 1 other advertiser
-Ads are displayed evenly between the 2 advertisers
-Your ad will be displayed in our Sponsor Listing
Additional Information

-First and last month payment required to begin advertising
-No set term lenth, you will billed monthly until you choose to end your campaign
-Top or bottom page locations available, locations are first come first serve
-Easy payments with Paypal, invoices are sent each month
-Additional promotional opportunities available for advertisers

For additional details or to reserve your ad space, please contact: