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S45 Trafimet torch- machine equivs? (pilot arc start)

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S45 Trafimet torch- machine equivs? (pilot arc start)

Post by Countryguy » Sat Jul 30, 2016 5:17 pm

Hi everyone, My Everlast unit is a PP50 w/ CNC connected to a CandCNC setup. Been running fine since 2013 on a PPLLc 8x4 table.

I run both the S45 hand-wand in a torch controller, as well as the Trafimet Machine Torch. The S45 Machine torch has NEVER cut very good. Usually I waste a few days and lots of testing, Then toss it aside. I recently cleanly cut 7/8" plate w/ this little 50amp unit w/ the hand-wand in the cnc torch holder. so I know the unit is fine.

...Are there other torch heads I can replace the S45 with? I would like to possibly try another head if there are some other Pilot arc starts that could replace the S45 style? anyone know?

On a side note, the recent addition of a 3D printer to our shop has allowed me to design and print a new custom torch head that is a custom fit for a $39 S45 head assy. But I would like to make something for another head that may offer better results? Or is S45 a leader in the 40-50 amp pilot arc space? Tis new to me on the head end gang.


PS- If you have not placed w/ Fusion360 and some 3D printers yet, I am TOTALLY hooked. It's "what I did on my Summer Vacation"

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Re: S45 Trafimet torch- machine equivs? (pilot arc start)

Post by Maryann » Fri Mar 31, 2017 6:11 pm

Not a big fan of Neverlast plasma-tech help is Nada! You did not say how many amps you are running thru the torch (45 @ 60% is max) Do have a real Trafimet or a Chinese knockoff.

Call Larry @ Weldmart (281-432-0250) he is an old fart, but he has a European 60 amp machine torch that will plug into your machine. I bought one of his Razorweld 45 plasma with a Hypertherm style (European) machine torch-uses a 100 amp electrode-they last and very reasonable. You can use the Hypertherm fine cut consumables and get kick-ass cuts.

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