Roark supply abrasives

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Roark supply abrasives

Post by cutnweld »

Hello everyone, not sure if this is the right place to post this review or not, just thought I would rate my experience with Roark supply since they are sometimes offering specials on this forum. I bought 2 cases of 100 of the fatmacs flap wheel and feel they are a great value for the dollar. They do not last as well as the jumbo 3m cubitron flap wheels, but those are hard to find it seems and cost at least triple. So the fat macs are a winner. The sait grinding wheels, they are ok, however I am really spoiled with the 3m cubitron for cutting speed and finish those so I will probably stick with 3m once these are finished up. The sales man was great to work with as well. All in all I highly recommend this company and product. Only reason for posting is I was skeptical about the flap wheel quality as I have had bad experiences with lower priced ones in the past but these work well. Happy holidays!
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Re: Roark supply abrasives

Post by weldguy »

I too have been pleased with the flap wheels from Roark, bought some when they had a special on here. The high cost of "brand name" wheels turns me off for what I do and these work very well.
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