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Update on my Dynatorch Super Bee

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Update on my Dynatorch Super Bee

Postby btburn » Mon Sep 15, 2014 11:54 am

So I've had my Dynatorch up and running for a couple months now and I am very happy with it.
I am a complete newbie to the CNC world so this was a big leap for me. Starting from no knowledge of the programming, drawing, etc.. I've always made templates and cut by hand with fair results that need a ton of clean up and grinding and having pretty much weld ready parts is awesome.
I've cut mostly thinner 1/8" and thinner so far but plan on cutting thicker metal for a bumper soon.
Besides a couple simple hickups while setting it up and learning the software and drawing programs the Super Bee has run flawlessly.
If I had used a Hyperthem unit instead of my existing Miller Plasma Cutter that would have helped with a couple things. The miller isn't plug and play like the Hypertherm units.
Grounding was a pain for some reason but I got it sorted out.
The support I've gotten from, Ric, Leon and everyone else at Dynatorch has been great. Even after hours and on the weekends I was able to get help while setting it up.
I make the final card payment next month and then it's time to upgrade my air compressor.
Just my .02 for others when they are deciding on a table.
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Re: Update on my Dynatorch Super Bee

Postby CNCCAJUN » Mon Sep 15, 2014 12:09 pm

Same here . . . Have a Dynatorch 4X4 XLS.

Leon, Ric & Russell have been really helpful & very easy to deal with for everything . . . tech support, advice, etc.

Performs really well . . . the downdraft system works far better than I imagined it would or could.

Had the typical start-up bugs.

They were mostly caused by grounding issues which according to Jim Colt is the #1 cause of hiccups on new installations for even the $100,000.00+ machines.

One other problem I had was my choice of SigmaNEST Lite vs. SheetCAM initially. I'm sure a full SigmaNEST package works well, but the lite is just that, LITE ! ! !

Oh yes, watch the tutorials - watch the tutorials . . .watch the tutorials . . .
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