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Jeep FootPeg

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Jeep FootPeg

Postby ETCWeld » Sat Mar 24, 2018 2:08 am

I tried to redraw (not trace) 68Percy's Jeep Foot Pegs and when I thought I had it and removed the showfill the drivers side lines look very different than the passengers side. The lines don't seem the same even though I duplicated one side and flipped it. Even the bolt holes look like they are the same.

If anyone could tell me what it is I'm looking at and where I might have gone wrong, I would greatly appreciate it. I am in no rush, I just thought this look like a good exercise for me to practice. My son most likely will not want his name on it. It's just something I was going to show him.

68Percy wrote:I used a similar pic to try and made a set of foot pegs for my dad's jeep. I cut the driver's side out and haven't been able to test fit yet (he's working out of state). I cut this file on the waterjet at work. It should do alright on a plasma. I used 3/16" plate. Let me know how they fit. I've been reluctant to ask a random person with a jeep if they mind taking the doors off for a second. Haha.


Jeep Foot Peg.dxf

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Re: Jeep FootPeg

Postby 68Percy » Mon Apr 02, 2018 8:50 pm

What cad program are you using? It’s been a while since I drew those foot pegs but it wasn’t a trace like you’d do with a logo or something. I just guessed at the dimensions and drew what looked proportional based on the pic.
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