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**HELP** Arclight 5x5 issues

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**HELP** Arclight 5x5 issues

Postby wakerekesh » Fri Jul 01, 2016 12:25 am

Hey Everyone, First time posting on here. I have had my Arclight table for almost a year now, and don't run it all that often, maybe 5-6 times a month (I use the table to cut parts for light fabrication projects/decor as a hobby/side business) but in the last few weeks I have had some worrisome issues.
I was in the middle of a cut when my all of my axis's starting making loud clicking sounds and the left side of my x & y-axis completely stopped moving despite the right side still trying to move. Needless to say my gantry is probably out of line now. I immediately stopped the cut, checked for damage, and rebooted EVERYTHING. I was able to manually jog the gantry around and it was smooth as can be,then it happened again, and my z-axis would not move and made a horrendous clicking/grinding sound. Has anyone had issues like this? or know someone who has? I'm using sheetcam and MACH3 to run the table. Doing some research, I have read MACH3 can cause a lot of problems. I'm going to contact Arclight AGAIN to try and troubleshoot when i have time off work, but want to get some insight from guys ACTUALLY employing the equipment. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: **HELP** Arclight 5x5 issues

Postby drossmaker » Thu Jul 21, 2016 12:03 pm


Wow. Sorry to to hear that's happening with the table. Here are a few things to check. First check the rails. It is best to maintain clean rails on your machine. Next check the bearings and clean them out. Specifically on the A and Y axis'.

If cleaning the rails and bearings does not resolve the issue, than you will want to check the motor plugs going into the controller. Over time (years plus) it is possible for those to vibrate loose. Make sure that all connections to the 'green plugs' on the side of your controller have good contact. Also check to make sure that the plugs are seated fully in the controller itself.

It is unusual to have this issue with the Arclight System. We are running our tables 4-7 hours Monday through Friday as well as having others that run multiples of our table literally 24 hours a day. It is a tried and true system.

We regret that our business hours do not coincide with your hours to troubleshoot. Please know that we will make every effort to have your table running right. Perhaps we can schedule a time when our schedules will work together to look into the issue. Shoot me an email or call

[email protected] or 866-222-2154

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