New Product!!! "Vortex Automatic Sandblasting Cabinet "

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New Product!!! "Vortex Automatic Sandblasting Cabinet "

Post by drossmaker » Mon Sep 14, 2015 3:36 pm

Introducing the
Vortex Tumble Sandblaster
Manufactured by Arclight Dynamics
$2499.00 with free shipping in the continental US

20" wide 14" deep Hexagonal tumbling barrel, (far more effective that round baskets, that allow parts to slide)
Dual 3/32" nozzle sand blast guns. (each require 12 [email protected] 90 PSI, for a total of 24 [email protected] 90 psi. Adjustable mount allows you to maximize blast coverage.
Each gun comes with a tungson nozzle that last 10 times longer then ceramic nozzles
Driven by direct drive Dayton gear motor. (spins at slow 4 RPM) Powerful Reliable, performance.
Simple timer allows you to turn the unit on for up to 60 min (normal cycle time is 15-20 min)
Timer automatically turns on barrel, blast guns and vacuum ( customer must supply their own vacuum, Shop vacs can work great)
Switch allows for manual control of the blast guns ( this allows you to turn on the unit with the door open and verify that the tumbling action is correct and that the guns are aimed corretly, close the dooor and then turn on the blast guns. You can also run the barrel and vacuum without the blast guns after the cycle to help clean parts and air before opening the door.
Adjustable angle of barrel (this allows you to pick the right angle for your parts and maximize mixing action)
Durable powder coat finish
Free Shipping to continental US!! Ships in two boxes UPS, ready for assembly
Full one year warrenty on all non consumable parts
Buy with confidence, Arclight Dynamics has been building top quality CNC Plasma tables for years and we have a steller reputation. We bring the same level of quality and customer service to our new line of Tumble blasters that we have brought to our plasma tables for years
Call with any questions 866-222-2154
Lead time is 1-2 weeks for shipment

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Re: New Product!!! "Vortex Automatic Sandblasting Cabinet "

Post by _Ogre » Mon Sep 14, 2015 5:44 pm

great idea drossmaker especially if you have a bunch of small parts :mrgreen:
bulltear 4x8 cnc plasma table, candcnc bladerunner w/dthc, hypertherm powermax 65, sheetcam, mach3
laser cross hair for hypertherm torch
an ogre smiley :mrgreen: how cool!

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