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Postby biggator850 » Sun May 03, 2015 7:33 pm

I bought my first plasma table last year, and after researching for quite awhile, I chose TruCut. They have been GREAT! Every single time I have had a problem I couldn't resolve I called Cindy, and she put Ross right on the phone to resolve my issues. I have really come to depend on this table for the fabrication work we do, and when it goes down it totally shuts our shop down. Customer service was an important factor in my purchase choice. Cindy and Ross you have definately hit the mark you were aiming for!

The machine is great, but machines tend to break. Especially ones that are run by a computer in a dirty dusty humid shop! While my problems have been minimal and mostly user error, every single time I have called, Ross has immediately resolved my issues! Yesterday I fired the machine up and the E-stop circuit would not reset to allow it to run. I thought it was worth a chance to call them on Saturday morning. Of course got Ross right on the phone to explain how it was wired and quickly found the problem. The quick connect plug going into the control panel had a bad connection!

I have made a number of bad business decisions over the years, but doing business with Ross and Cindy was one of the best I have made in awhile! Thanks guys! Hope to see you soon!


cindy carlisle
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Re: TruCut

Postby cindy carlisle » Mon May 04, 2015 2:24 pm

Thank You ,

We try hard to give the best support, it's nice to be appreciated :D We are always here if you need us :D

Cindy and Ross

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