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Indoor and Outdoor Sign standoff discussion thread

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Indoor and Outdoor Sign standoff discussion thread

Postby Nacs Fab » Wed Aug 09, 2017 11:50 am

I have made a few signs with individual letters for outdoor installation in stucco siding and wonder about installing a sign in sheet rock. Could I use the same principal or do you have any good ideas for attaching small individual letters to a sheet rock surface? I would rather do the pegs like I did on the sign below. Basically I welded 1/4" metal dowels to the back of the sign - 3" long and printed a full size template for general contractor to tape up and drill the holes to install it. They then used a quick set epoxy in the holes and positioned the letters.

Sign Crop.jpg


Give me some ideas you have used to install a standoff sign in sheet rock. Thanks!

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