Job Cost Estimating and Variables Question

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Job Cost Estimating and Variables Question

Post by itermn8 » Tue Oct 29, 2019 3:52 pm

All of you have been very helpful with sharing information with members and I want to say Thank You first of all. The shared information is valuable to my partner and I and there is a lot to look through. I have looked over a few of the pricing or cost excel files but I was wondering if someone has a more intuitive version of job cost estimating available in excel or other format? I am willing to pay a fair price to the developer for an editable copy. There are many variables involved in job estimating to charge a fair price and earn an honest and fair profit. I have a marketing background some software mostly Information Technology. My problem is I need shortcuts to getting our business off the ground as do a lot of our members. I don't have time to develop cost programs when there is a lot to learn in AutoCAD, Inkscape, MasterCAM and other software.Work smarter not harder has always worked in the past for me. I learned a lot from the United States Army way back in 1978. I'm a Cold War Vet not a Combat Vet. God bless all who gave to keep us free. I know I'm rambling but I haven't been able to contribute anything valuable to members. Thanks are necessary when leeching info from those that have put the time in to learn then to be kind enough to give it away for free. Thanks again and let me know if the help I'm looking for is available

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Re: Job Cost Estimating and Variables Question

Post by mdwalker » Wed Oct 30, 2019 12:05 pm

You may have already seen this one but it is the EXCEL spreadsheet I developed several years ago. If you have EXCEL experience it shouldn't be hard to modify for what you need.
CNC Plasma Price Work Sheet 04032018.xls

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