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Thermal Dynamic Cutmaster 82 with Proma 150 THC?

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No Lemon
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Thermal Dynamic Cutmaster 82 with Proma 150 THC?

Post by No Lemon » Mon Oct 02, 2017 10:42 pm

Just wondering if anyone has the Cutmaster 82 working with a Proma 150 THC?

Do I need a Thermal Dynamics 9-8311 interface kit? I talked to Thermal Dynamics today and was more confused when I got off the phone than when I started. I am using the factory torch that came with the Cutmaster 82.

Should I get a different THC?

I am using Mach3 and Sheet Cam software and a table I got plans from acourtjester on here. I am using Mach3 Plasma as my post processor in Sheet Cam.

I have had my table working for years but can never get the Proma 150 THC to work. I have tried 3 different times now.

I have it hooked up right now but when I start a job with the THC turned on in Mach3 it gets to the first M03 and the torch turns on and it just stops. If I turn off the THC in Mach3 it works fine but no THC.

When I run the test simulator on the Proma THC my DRO shows up and down movement along with the Z axis on my table.

Thanks for any help that someone may have in advance.

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Re: Thermal Dynamic Cutmaster 82 with Proma 150 THC?

Post by Greolt » Tue Oct 03, 2017 3:35 am

First thing I would try is disable the "arc OK" signal. (have it permanently on)

Not meaning you should leave it like that. Just see what happens then.

Brand X
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Re: Thermal Dynamic Cutmaster 82 with Proma 150 THC?

Post by Brand X » Tue Oct 03, 2017 10:19 am

If you only just want full arc voltage, torch contactor,and arc good, then no on the interface. It's all on the main board. J-10 pins for the Arc good, and trigger. It's in your Manual. If you need divided arc voltage, then you will need the 9-8311 interface kit.

Simple as that...( Page A=7 ) pins 1-3 on the J-10 for arc good.. Pins 6-8 for trigger contactor.. Full arc voltage on the V-1 out, and work 2 main board (Memory there, but close) :lol: Once you add the 9-8211 interface, your machine becomes a A-60 with a roll bar..(-the SL-100 SV torch)

http://www.thermal-dynamics.com/thermal ... 81_opt.pdf

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