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Knocking dross off

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Black Forest
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Knocking dross off

Post by Black Forest » Wed Apr 06, 2016 4:27 pm

This is a drilling and tapping arm I built for my fixturing table. I use it to drill holes or tap holes on parts that would be awkward to handle on the drill press or mill. Because of an April Fools video I fell for I made this video as a response. I don't actually use the arm to grind anything. BUT I thought a variation of it could be built to knock dross off of bigger flat workpieces. It is all hydraulic powered and has a quill like a drill press. If one wanted to a mount could easily be made to mount an angle grinder or some other motor to power a flap disk. The hydraulic motor I have mounted on the arm is only capable of 800 to 1000 rpm which is plenty for drilling and tapping. I utilize a three way flow control valve mounted on the arm to control the rpm of the motor. The three way valve doesn't produce heat the way a two way valve would in this situation.

I just thought it might give you all some ideas for dross removal.

Watch at your own risk and please remember the video was meant as a joke.


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