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Bend 3 foot 10 ga with 100.00 tool

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Sampson Jones
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Bend 3 foot 10 ga with 100.00 tool

Post by Sampson Jones » Mon Jun 22, 2015 7:37 pm

I have a 20 ton bottle jack press with a home made press adapter . Problem is it's not wide and pumping a bottle,jack sucks , but it works . Getting 10 ga bent around here is a 90 mile round trip so that sucks too . I have a plan for a awesome press brake but just don't have time to build it . So here is a redneck s version of a 10 ga press brake . Only 4 pumps and a perfect 60 * bend was made . One high lift jack , cut plate for bottom of jack and bolt on , weld 3/8 by 3 foot x 4 bar to plate . Find heavy ass vehicle , place metal over vee groove and jack down . A piece of I beam or deep channel will work for the vee groove . Way easier than a bottle jack . Granted the piece had reliefs cut in them . It's amazing how we can do so much with so little if we just stop and think .

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Re: Bend 3 foot 10 ga with 100.00 tool

Post by KIDTech » Mon Jun 22, 2015 10:02 pm

Good thinking, I tore down some buildings on my property that were all I beam and plan to use them to build a very heavy duty press.
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