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Re: Fine cut nozzle?

Posted: Wed Jul 04, 2018 10:43 pm
by dgeorgester
A question for Jim C.

I have the Powermax 85 on a Samson 510 using the clamped hand held Duramax torch. I'd like to get setup with the FineCut nozzle and shield.
What's the difference between 220847 and 220957 swirl rings ? Would both fit/work on my torch for FineCut shielded nozzle?

I'm looking at pictures of the package for the 220847 and it says "Process: All except handheld FineCut" . The Samson is mechanized cutting using a handheld torch; hence the question.


Re: Fine cut nozzle?

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2018 2:57 pm
by jimcolt
I think you have incorrect part numbers on your post...however follow what I suggest below and you will be fine.

Since your handheld torch is clamped on a machine, consider it a mechanized torch. Now, go to the mechanized cut charts in your Powermax operators manual, You will find charts for cutting parameters with 85, 65 and 45 amps shielded consumables as well as for Finecut consumables. At the beginning of each chart there are illustrations of the consumable parts to use with the charts, as well as with part numbers for the consumables. For mechanized cutting with Finecut consumables use only the parts listed....the swirl ring is part number 220857.

If you go to the section in your manual that lists hand held torch consumables you will find that the same 220857 swirl ring is used for all the processes except Finecut. For Finecut consumables when you are holding a standoff and edge starting we do suggest using the 220947 swirl ring, this is to minimize the misfiring that can occur when edge starting and the arc is extra long. Hand cutting only for the 220947.

Jim Colt Hypertherm