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beginners questions about airbrushing dyes, inks

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beginners questions about airbrushing dyes, inks

Post by dwolfe002 » Thu May 03, 2018 8:24 pm

Hello everyone. I am totally brand new to metal work, patinas, dyes and inks, and airbrushing. I bought the super starter kit w/dyes and inks from Bill and a complete airbrush setup. So, since I have never used an airbrush and am not familiar with metal dyes or alcohol inks, I have a few beginning questions to try to get myself started.
1) What kind of pressures do you normally use to spray the dyes and inks? I'm just looking for a starting point.
2) What is used to clean the airbrushes? I see acetone is used to thin the dyes so I would think it would be used but am not sure and I have no idea about the inks.
3) I understand that the dyes dry quickly. What I was wondering if anyone knows how long they will last while in a airbrush. I don't figure I'm going to be doing any of this quickly to start with and don't want to mess up the airbrush from the get go. I understand that the inks dry much slower so I think they will last longer in the airbrush than the dyes. Could someone let me know if that thinking is wrong.
4) The master airbrush kit I purchased says to periodically lube the needle and main lever assembly but says not to use WD-40 or light machine oil but does not say what type of lubricant to use. Does anybody know what should be used to lubricate the airbrush?

The two airbrushes that came with the kit are a G22 air brush and a Iwata auto gfx ca.

Oh, one question about patina if anyone knows. Can tape be applied to the metal to keep patina off a particular spot and if so will the general masking/painters tape from the hardware store work? If not, what will or will anything actually work.

Thanks for your help,

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