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Add letters to a solid rectangle

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Add letters to a solid rectangle

Postby Searchman » Mon Jan 22, 2018 8:28 pm

I am using Inkscape software. I am attempting to add letters to a solid rectangle I have drawn in Inkscape. When I move the block of letters over the rectangle, the letters appear to be under the solid fill and are very faded in appearance. What do I need to do to have the letters on the top of the rectangle? Will I need to select the rectangle and the block of letters and select combine to make the graphic one?

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Re: Add letters to a solid rectangle

Postby Searchman » Tue Jan 23, 2018 7:26 pm

Maybe I need to explain myself better.
I want to create a plaque with a name on it. I have no problem creating the plaque. The issue I am having is combining the letters to the plaque. I want to cut the shape of the plaque using " Outside offset " in Sheetcam and cut the letters using " No offset". The letters are no being cut out. Only cutting directly on the single line of the letter.
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Re: Add letters to a solid rectangle

Postby szextreme » Thu Mar 22, 2018 2:32 pm

Make your rectangle> object to path, then create your text> object to path. Now you can do this part one of two ways, Align and distribute so the text and rectangle are perfectly centered with each other or simply drag your text to the rectangle where you like it. Note: you can use two different colors so you can see your text. This should enable you to save it and export to sheetcam and you should have your paths. You can also if I remember correctly select both objects which is tricky..first grab your text with the nodes tool to get the nodes to show the path hold down shift while clicking on the selector tool above the nodes tool. This will allow you to drag the text to the box while still holding shift, then click on the box after you place the text. Now both objects are selected go to your toolbar at the top and under Object there should be a selection for "difference" this will cut out the letters from the shaded part of the rectangle. This of course should all be done after your text is converted to a path and also select each letter and Union them so when you move them they stay together and not individual letters.
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Re: Add letters to a solid rectangle

Postby acourtjester » Thu Mar 22, 2018 3:37 pm

If you are trying to cut letter inside the rectangle this needs to be one layer for the outside of the rectangle as another layer to have different cutting operations. I always remove the fill and add a stroke color and a thin stroke size like 0.005". You can give the rectangle one color and the letters another color in Inkscape. Or use the contour tool in SheetCam to make them different layers then plan the cut operation for each with the letters first.
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