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Inkscape to Vicon Problems

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Inkscape to Vicon Problems

Postby Birddog87 » Sun Dec 24, 2017 12:26 am

Hey everyone! I'm pretty new to plasma cutting and dxf. creating but I have been playing with it a lot and have had a blast with all of the possibilities.
However I have hit some hurdles that I have not been able to find solutions for as of yet. I have been creating dxf files on inkscape like gangbusters but when I import them to my Vicon cutting software I have a few problems...

the files that I import are HUGE on the vicon software... I know how to rescale them so its not the end of the world but if I could fix that it would save me a lot of time...

my bigger problem is if there are separate cuts on a dxf file it imports the cuts separately. like if had a word laid out it does not import them in the layout that I had them... its more of an issue with pictures that would require multiple cuts. how do I fix that?

if more information is needed let me know,Thank you

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