Inkscape layers don"t show up in Sheetcam

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Inkscape layers don"t show up in Sheetcam

Post by Blackslacks » Wed Feb 12, 2020 6:23 pm

Not sure if this a Sheetcam question or an Inkscape question:
I've noticed if I create a drawing in Inkscape with two layers, save as svg, open in Sheetcam everything is on one layer. Is there a way to preserve the Inkscape layers when importing to Sheetcam? I know I can put parts of a drawing on seperate layers in Sheetcam but seems like an extra step. Thanks

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Re: Inkscape layers don"t show up in Sheetcam

Post by acourtjester » Wed Feb 12, 2020 9:25 pm

This may not help but you can assign another color to a section of a drawing and it will show in SheetCam as a separate layer that you can turn off to check see attached images.
I also had a problem like you stated but it was a very small drawing pf a parts and the internal sections would not show up in SheetCam, I fixed it by using the copy and then opening another Inkscape and pasting it there and then that was saved and it showed in SheetCam great??? The first image the section was changed to red color for the test.
color 2.JPG
color 1.JPG
color 4.JPG
color 3.JPG

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