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Thermal Dynamics 60i hook-up for CNC

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Thermal Dynamics 60i hook-up for CNC

Postby Brand X » Wed Sep 26, 2018 11:06 am

Thermal Dynamics 60i cnc hook-up

I just got around to hooking up a cutmaster 60i to my table. I used some of Candcnc hook up kit to complete the job. Mostly just needed the RAV-O2 voltage card to make it work with my system.. I had the Universal Plasma connection kit for years, so I used the digital current probe i had with it.. You can use pins #12-14 on the Cutmaster's J609 connection to get arc good that way also. pins #3-4 on the same connection are the start-stop trigger wires.. Then just the negative/positive for full arc voltage.. Also on the J609 connection, but i went straight to the leads on those. Mostly because I only wanted to use the start/stop pins on the J609 connection, because i don;;t have the correct female plug for the 18 pin setup. Just wired up two pins, and pushed the in the terminal. The Digital Current probe works excellent, so no downside for me.Had it on Esab's machines, and standard cutmaster's before this one.

There is no factory CNC connection kit out for the 60i yet, although the machine will support one. Has it in the manual with a 12 pin like real cnc setups..

By the way the machine is a beast even with the old tech torch. Seems to respond to the extra power in the machine. Makes my 45XP semm sort of weak. :lol: It does auto sense the SL-100SV automation torch, but will not show on the front of the machine until plugged in. It only shows the standard SL-60 torch/SL-100 torch on the panel. That includes the SL-100 machine torch too. Which also could be used in CNC cutting.One last thing, the 60i will work with the smaller SL-40 (@40 amp max) torch. Very nice to be able use the smaller torch on sheet-metal type of stuff.. I just got done late last night, and only punched a few holes in some plate.. I will cut a bit today. Machine is pierce rated to 5/8 ,so nice upgrade in power there. Amazon was running some deals. Got down to $1306.99 , but picked mine up for $1355.31. Had the other one bought, but decided better just run with the one I had.. ... ider-card/ ... ction-kit/

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Brand X
Posts: 489
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Re: Thermal Dynamics 60i hook-up for CNC

Postby Brand X » Wed Sep 26, 2018 1:27 pm

My tip voltage is low, so I have a feeling i am going to have to go through the pin 18 on the machine. Everything is working other then that. Plus there is a open circuit voltage of 12 volts on the dial.. Little bit more work.. Was throwing my arc good off since it was set a 10 volts min to move..
Pin 18 fixed the low voltage.. Took the positive wire from the tip lug (from the voltage card, and ran to pin 18 on the J609 connection. Nice to cut 1 inch mild steel at .200 height, and not dick around at .060 Cuts a bit faster then a 45XP would, and much longer arc length doing so.. way less slag too..

Talked to Thermal a bit today..There is a cnc interface now.. (automation interface catalog number 9-8308)

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