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Cutmaster 82 without automation interface board?

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Cutmaster 82 without automation interface board?

Postby bnflette » Sat May 06, 2017 8:01 pm

Im new to this sight and new to the world of CNC. I have a 5x5 table form a local builder who isnt much help since I did not purchase a Hypertherm from him when I bought the table. I purchased a used TD cutmaster 82 without doing enough homework about the unit. Mine does not have the Automation interface board that comes with the A models. I have my table running with a proma THC that was provided with the table. I simply tapped into the hand torch wires for the torch on and off and connected the THC to raw voltage. It works but wanted to know if this is incorrect and or what the benefits of adding the $200+ automation interface kit and a $600 Mechanized torch. I understand the benefits of the mechanized torch over the hand held torch in therms of mounting and ease and accuracy. One thing i have noticed with my current hand torch setup is that my consumable life is very short. Could that be a result of my wiring configuration? Thanks in advance for any help any can provide

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Re: Cutmaster 82 without automation interface board?

Postby islander261 » Sun May 07, 2017 11:20 am


The wiring for a Cutmaster 82 used as a CNC power supply is shown in the service manual. The technical support desk at ESAB/Thermal Dynamics will email you a pdf copy of the manual for free if you ask. Sorry but it is a copyrighted work so I can't post my copy. You may want to get the latest version from them even if you have an old printed one. The short answer to your question is no, for a Proma THC you don't need the automation interface.

The short consumable life is most likely a result of incorrect piercing and cutting height. Use the correct consumables from TD (no after market ones)and follow the book settings exactly until you get more experience. The TD cutting tables aren't as good as the ones for Hypertherm and will take a little tweaking to get the best cut quality but they are a good starting point. Look for posts from user brandx here as he is a real TD champion.


mike 1948
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Re: Cutmaster 82 without automation interface board?

Postby mike 1948 » Sun May 07, 2017 1:16 pm

The 82 has the option for a "Basic" $35.00 cnc interface versus the $200 automation interface. It is a 8 pin plug the mounts directly to the PC board. It gives on/off and Ok to move signal only. You have to tap into the board to get your voltages. Then route the 6 wires to the correct place on your controller. It shows up on the last page of the schematic in manual. You will have to contact manufacturer for the wire harness pt#.
search internet for the manual. search "Cutmaster 82 cnc interface" you will find the manual.
I use a hand torch mounted in a hole in a plate and hold it down in place with plastic tape. Works for me.
Make sure your air is DRY!!

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Re: Cutmaster 82 without automation interface board?

Postby bnflette » Tue May 09, 2017 7:39 pm

Thanks guys for taking the time to respond. To "Mike 1948" your hand torch mounting sounds very similar to mine currently. I have mine duct taped and zip tied the to a piece of pvc with a Notch cut from the end of the pipe. Lol. Not real professional looking but works for now. I I did order the $200 automation interface. Does anybody know if there are any other mechanized torch options to go along with the thermal dynamics automation circuitry besides the obvious SL 100 torches. Thanks again for those who have responded , and everybody for any future response.
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Re: Cutmaster 82 without automation interface board?

Postby Brand X » Thu May 11, 2017 12:54 pm

Just talked to Thermalcut the other day...

There are going to be some great torch options in the near future.. Themacut is bringing out a torch around the 3rd quarter of this year.. After using their consumables (great performance but totally discounted by the people that make money on their own stuff) :mrgreen: in my Hypertherm 65. I can tell you it's going to be a great torch for the Cutmaster line..Some other USA companies that are bringing out consumables for the one torch also..

Main thing about aftermarket torches for the Victor Cutmaster, is getting around using the ATC connection patents/problems. Got that handled, so the door is swinging wide open soon..

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