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Shaphon THC questions on settings.

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Shaphon THC questions on settings.

Postby MysticGold » Thu Jul 26, 2018 12:03 am

Hi people, Newbie here! I bought a 4x8 China Table with everything included. Actually it's a nice system. I got it all set up, and burned some holes from the library and works great. My problem is twofold. 1: Try as I may, I can not get it to convert from Metric to Inch. I can change the parameters and the 0 to a 1, but then the library does not work right, and all messed up, so had to switch back to metric. So much for following printed instructions. I've watched several vids on Youtube and followed that, and no go, so I'm probably doing something wrong. #2 problem is I can't seen to load from the USB. It comes up, and lists files, it going to "loading" and goes to 99 percent, then stops. I "think" that the files need to be in .txt format for the Shaphon?
Hoping someone has some solid step by step input or advice. TIA!

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