Easyscriber engrave attachment for Hypertherm torch's

Anyone from Kansas Or Missouri

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Anyone from Kansas Or Missouri

Post by tc_fab » Thu Sep 15, 2016 1:14 pm

Looking for someone from Kansas or Missouri that would be willing to come to Kansas. I would be willing to compensate someone for there time and knowledge. I have built a precision plasma / candcnc electronics 5x10 table. Never been around cnc in my life. Just looking for someone to come and spend a little time and help me get it dialed in. I have the machine built and moving. I have manually cut a small piece of steel. Just don't know how to get the rest programmed. kinda jumped off the deep end into the cnc process. Thanks Tommy

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Re: Anyone from Kansas Or Missouri

Post by motoguy » Thu Sep 15, 2016 3:24 pm


Check out the Arclight videos on youtube:


Are you running Linuxcnc, or Mach3 setup? If Mach3, the info in these videos will directly apply to you. If you have the table setup, steps/tuning/etc done, then these videos should hook you up. I've actually saved all these videos to my computer, for later reference.

I'm in central MO, and I'd be happy to come out when I get an opening, but 1) it looks like that will be a bit, and 2) really, I'm not sure there's a lot of benefit to that if you watch the videos above. I'm more of a "stumbling about in the dark, until I find the answer" kind of guy, not a "wealth of knowledge" kind of guy. lol

The videos cover Sheetcam and Mach settings, which will be directly applicable to you if you're on a Mach/Windows setup. They also cover some Inkscape information, if you want to use that (free) drawing program.

While you are learning to program (sheetcam) and Mach settings, I HIGHLY recommend making a pen holder, and using it in place of the torch. You can use the "Mach3.scpost" post-processor that came with the CandCNC stuff. This is great for figuring out motion issues, rule location/implentation/speed issues, etc.

Here is a simple pen holder I made, which helped TREMENDOUSLY when I was trouble shooting some issues.

http://www.plasmaspider.com/viewtopic.p ... 25#p112269

Once your motion looks good with the pen, then try to cut some stuff -without- torch height control turned on. If you are using CandCNC equipment, and Hypertherm components, with direct work clamp and ohmic connections to the sheet (not relying on the slats alone), then you should be "in the ballpark" with the cut specs listed in your Hypertherm manual.

Below is a thread where I fleshed out the Hypertherm cut specs for my PM85, from the manual. I found that many of of the Hypertherm specs provided in the Sheetcam/CandCNC package were incorrect. The file in the post above is all taken directly from the Hypertherm book for my PM85, EXCEPT where some extrapolation has occurred (manual didn't list 11ga, so I averaged the info for 10 and 12).

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