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Setup file needed for Practical/Flashcut v1.61

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Setup file needed for Practical/Flashcut v1.61

Postby enfofan » Sun Dec 20, 2009 6:58 pm

I went to my box of documentations on my Flashcut CNC/ Practical set up. The manual was no good in that all of the pages were stuck together since the flood of Katrina. The original set up CD looked like it was ok, but the disc was not recognized by any of my computers. The folks at Flashcut were very helpful and responsive, sending me an archived setup file last week, but... it was for v2 and my setup won't accept the setup file. I need setup files for v1.61
I have some Christmas presents to cut this week and can't get my system running! Help is greatly appreciated.
Yes, the hard drive of my 9 year old laptop crapped out.

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