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lost prameters Trucut XT

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lost prameters Trucut XT

Post by Jost » Tue Jun 21, 2022 5:43 pm

We have a Trucut XT 2018 with mach 4

When the machine was received mach 4 would not open.
We reloaded mach4 and loaded the back up file we found on the c drive
most of the machine works we get a list of errors on start up that are .pnp files that are missing from process files and shape files
and M14 will not work "torch start"

looking for someone that might have one of these machines that would share there backup files

Thanks in advance

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Re: lost prameters Trucut XT

Post by acourtjester » Wed Jun 22, 2022 9:30 am

This may not help but I will say it anyway. I think most of your problems will be in Mach 4 as with Mach 3 the tables are fairly generic, meaning they work with different software. I have used a few different software packages for controlling the table I built and the table electronics are the same. The software is for communicating with the table and running the G-code and the setting needed to work with the table. Now with Mach 3 most of the setup for the software was contained in a .xml file which was in both the main folder and the xmlbackups folder. In the xmlbackups folder each profile had its group of files for the profile that were numbered and its date of backup. The names were like (Plasma.xb133) the higher the number would be the last one, this would be the last change that was made to the xml file in the main mach folder. If you find the last change in the folder on the c drive, copy and paste it to the main mach folder and rename it .xml changing the .xb-number, that should put all the setting into your reloaded version.

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