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Tracker pro table??

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Tracker pro table??

Postby GPWELDING » Tue Aug 16, 2011 7:00 pm

Hi im new to the forum and looking for any information on the tracker pro table and the corel drawX5 software?? Im going to be starting a welding shop and just would like to know if there is any issues or anything that should be brought to my attention before buying it.


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Re: Tracker pro table??

Postby slvr98svt » Sat Aug 27, 2011 2:47 pm

I know this is kind of late in the game but I have 5 x 10 pro table. It is my first machine as well, I bought it in Feb of 2009 however didn't use it all that much up until about 6 months ago. Since then there are a few things I have read that other tables have that I would like. However most of it is in the software side of things such as offsets for cutting inside or outside pieces, just minor things like that.

I do 99% of my drawings in Solidworks and convert to dxf then load into the machine so as far as Corel goes I can't comment on it. Most of my stuff is industrial type work so not to much fancy artwork. Overall I am very impressed with the machine and would recommend it. I run it with a HT 1250 plasma fwiw.


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Re: Tracker pro table??

Postby Team Tracker » Mon Aug 29, 2011 11:52 pm

slvr98svt, your 2009 model does not have the same software package thats available on the current 2011 ProTable. I am pleased to hear you are impressed with your system and would be happy to speak with you in regards the details of the software update.

GPWELDING, The 2011 ProTable has auto nesting, auto lead in, auto kerf compensation, auto cut sequencing, and much more. It's jam packed with all the software features you need. As for CorelDRAW, it's great. If you are not currently using any type of design software and have to learn something than Corel is the way to go for overall versatility and ease of use.

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