Command & Cut Questions

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Command & Cut Questions

Post by sjo426 » Wed Jun 20, 2018 4:59 pm

So I finally decided to upgrade my Torchmate 2x2....and while my Torchmate has performed flawlessly for 5 years I just couldn't justify the $25k price tag to go to a 4x4. I pulled the trigger on a Tracker 4x4 and so far it has worked great, but as I work thru the set up learning curve I've found a couple questions regarding the command & cut software. (asterisk here....I have called tracker support and they are looking into these questions and said they would get back).

1) Is there a way to shut the computer down midway thru a cut, turn it back on, and start from where you left off? Some of my 4x4 cuts are 2+ hours and I may want to quit for the night midway thru, seems odd to just leave everything on. On my torchmate when you disconnect, reconnect, it asks you if you want to start from previous connection.

2) Is there a way to "jump" to a certain point of the cut? Again, on my torchmate there was a jump feature where you could scroll thru all of the points/code/whatever, find a certain spot, jump to that point, and start from there.

3) Also, is it strange that there are no coordinates, setting a home 0.00/0.00 fore example? The recommendation was that I "pierce" a hole at the home point and use that. Seems odd to me though.....especially (one last "again") since my torchmate you could jog back to 0.00 / 0.00.

Loving the new machine, particularly the height control, just hoping to learn some tricks on the software side.


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