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What to upgrade next

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What to upgrade next

Postby Black70 » Thu Apr 20, 2017 9:09 pm

I bought a Tracker CNC Nitro table last fall and been playing with it all winter. Had some problems like any newbie but the learning curve was acceptable. This Plasma system comes with the Command and Cut software. It's a good learning software for simple cut but now I am ready for something better and less time consuming to be able to cut. I looked and read a lot about what you guys use and it looks like Sheetcam is very popular. I downloaded the trial version and played with it with the help of some youtube video as well. Now I wanted to try and cut something simple to test and found that I cannot start a cut in Sheetcam. What do you guys use to run the controller and be able to cut something? I've read a lot about the sheetcam and Mach3 controller software. Do you need both? If you draw in Corel or something else could you just use Mach3?

So what is the best option to upgrade from a basic software like Command and Cut and go to something more complex with more options and also with an affordable price.. I draw everything with Corel X7 at the moment. You guys can school me on this, I am here to learn. Tks

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