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Buying a Torchmate???

Torchmate Hardware discussion forum
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Buying a Torchmate???

Post by Glstiles » Tue Sep 28, 2021 1:05 am

Hey guy so I ran a couple of the Torchmate 4x4 Growth back in high school and in the process of looking for my own table I stumbled across a torchmate 4x4 about 2 hours away from me. Its been awhile since I've been around them and had some questions.

How are their lead screw drive systems and stepper motors? I know these the the least desirable options for drive systems.
What are some problems I should be looking for with the table? Any common quirks like ground issues? (I had some previously)
Does lincoln support really suck now? That's what I've heard....
Do I need to have the table signed over to me from the current owner? And how does any warranty or service come into play there...

I've been out of the game for awhile and you would all know much better than me about these things. Any and every bit of info helps!!!

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SegoMan DeSigns
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Re: Buying a Torchmate???

Post by SegoMan DeSigns » Tue Sep 28, 2021 12:45 pm

I came by my 2x2 second hand and was asked the previous owners name on first contact with support (TM only at that time) so no problems there (just get a bill of sale and you should be fine)
I have had both good and bad luck with tech help at times, the user forum on their site was the quickest way to get answers.
The steppers like the rest of the hardware is as cheap as they could find yet my 2x2 still gets it done and has generated tons of parts (preventative maintenance goes a long way)
Updated software could be downloaded at that time, just make sure you get the dongle (USB stick) with the machine or you have to buy it new which is pricey considering what level of software you get.
The upgrade to accu-move with THC was going to cost me $4k so I used those funds to build the new 6x12 table with
There is users groups out there that has part #'s for interchangeable parts.
No grounding issues for me using the common ground point but I have no THC on it.

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