Hypotherm connection to Accumove system

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Hypotherm connection to Accumove system

Post by schofies73 » Tue Jan 07, 2020 2:57 pm

I recently upgraded to an Accumove system for my torchmate 4X8 table. It seems that I am hundreds of miles from any tech that can come help me. I was talked into the upgrade and have been down and unable to use my system for my classes now for 6 months waiting on a local guy to come help me. I have everything hooked up and all of the access moving correctly but the torch will not fire. Torchmate tech support said I am not correctly connected to the plasma cutter itself. From research I have been able to do myself, I think wires need to be connected from inside the Hypotherm machine to the accumove box. Does anyone know if this is a cable that should have come with my Accumove system, if I need to order one, or specifically how to hook it up. Pictures would help. I am not super savy on the system and am now very much regretting being talked into the upgrade. Thank you for your help. I can add pictures if that would be of benefit.

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Re: Hypotherm connection to Accumove system

Post by djreiswig » Tue Jan 07, 2020 6:53 pm

Which Hypertherm do you have? Does it have a round plastic connector on the back? If it does, you can get the connections for torch fire & arc volts from there.
If you have a machine torch you most likely have the connector.
If not, or if you have a hand torch you will have to open either the cutter or the torch to get to the connections.
Do you have a torch height control?
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