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need help machine keeps pausing

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need help machine keeps pausing

Post by Camaconcept$ » Tue May 29, 2018 11:23 am

Good Morning all,
I have been using my Plasma cam for about 8 years now. have been through it all I think. Had most of all the common issues I see here, but this new one has thrown me for a loop.
When I cut a part in cut mode with auto cut off it works fine. When I put the auto cut control on in the menu settings, the machine comes to the part the Z lowers and touches the material and it triggers to cut. Now here is where it gets weird the machine latches the pierce solenoid but at the same time the controller pauses instantly.
In the drop down column to show the cut speed and that info it says cutting motion paused. So i did it again and watched it acts as if i hit the stop button and paused the machine.
I went to diagnostics and test fired the trigger control it fires and is at 8.28 volts. the controller will fire the torch. Now if I go thru the commands and hit the "test cut" button at the same time as the machine is running it will fire and cut the part out.
What inside the controller is screwed up PLEASE HELP!!!!

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