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PlasmaCam Pricing

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Re: PlasmaCam Pricing

Postby scootergeo » Sat Sep 01, 2018 12:09 pm

Thanks for all the valuable information guys.

I am in the market for a plasma table and was wondering if anybody would be able to compare to ShopSabre's latest sidekick offerings that come with ClearPath servos, Enroute and WinCNC by default?
I do like the solid construction of the ShopSabre and generous gantry height but also like all that I have heard about PlasmaCam. However, I do find the added costs for all the PlasmaCam software upgrades to be a bit excessive.

I do also like the ability to add routing functionality to the ShopSabre.

I am also looking at StarLabs, ArcLight, Westcott and TruCut, JD2.

I have scoured the forums for reviews, but much of the information is old and the CNC plasma market is evolving quickly with many new player coming to market.


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