5x10 Samson table $10K for all

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5x10 Samson table $10K for all

Post by skuberski00 » Sun Jul 18, 2021 2:48 pm

I have a 5x10 plasmacam table, looking to sell. It has the tubing roll cutting, etching, and router attachments with it. I have used the etching attachment, the roller and router attachments have never been used, brand new. The grates have been used only on one side, I am guessing could flip and use the other side as new. Currently have a Hypertherm Powermax 45 hooked up to it. Trying to sell the table and all attachments, plasma cutter and computer are not included in price. I don't have any art discs, but do have all my current drawings that could be included also. I have extra parts for the table also, bought new rails, belts, etc that would be included. Asking $10K for the table and attachments, plasma cutter and computer would be extra. Also would like input from Plasmacam, what it would take to forward over the seat license. I am located in Indiana, about 30 mins south of Indianapolis. If interested please reach out to me at skuberski00@gmail.com. Mods, if this isn't allowed in this forum, please let me know.

Thank you
Steve Kuberski

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Re: 5x10 Samson table $10K for all

Post by adbuch » Sun Jul 18, 2021 5:44 pm

The software license for your original seat plus any of the software upgrades you purchased is tied to the table. So when you fill out the transfer of ownership form (available from Plasmacam) and the new owner submits this form to Plasmacam for approval, after the transfer is approved the new owner will own the seat license, table, and any accessories such as tube cutter. This will also allow the new owner to receive technical assistance from Plasmacam and to purchase replacement parts for the table/controller.

I think you will have better luck selling your table if you include the computer and plasma cutter so it is more of a "turn-key" system that the new owner can immediately start using. For a local sale - which I suspect will most likely be the case, consider offering some technical assistance/training as part of the package to help push forward the sale. Unless the buyer has already owned or used a PlasmaCam table and is familiar with using DesignEdge and the settings, this offer of "training" would be a huge bonus for the buyer.


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