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Hypertherm 1250

Post by hbarletta » Wed Aug 22, 2018 5:59 pm

Hello everyone (and hopefully Jim Colt, too):

I bought this machine and a DHC Plasmacam in 2007. The learning curve was long for me, an administrative desk jockey, but I finally feel comfortable and have been cutting stuff for a number of years. I've had virtually no issues, until this week! I don't know what to look for or how to fix. Last Monday (a week ago) the power went out in our region for a few hours. When it came back on, I cut a cow skull, and noticed that the z-axis was moving very slow. The next day, I had a job to do, so I wanted to put new material on. I remembered that the z-axis had moved really slowly when cutting my last project so I checked the settings and found that the z-axis speed setting was on 3.45, I usually have it at 50. So I changed that setting, and then attempted to cut a rectangle of good material out of the used 4x4 sheet for later use. And that's when all the fun (NOT) began.

First cut, was a gouge. Checked the consumables - no good.

I had just bought new sets of nozzles (220329) and electrodes (120926), so no problem, put some new ones on. Set everything up as usual, and start the cut, the torch sparks and just blows air. Needless to say, burned up the nozzle and electrode. Now I have burned up three sets, still sparking, blowing air, and that's it. I noticed that my electrodes had the same number, 120926, as my previous ones, but on the plastic envelope it says:

POWERMAX 1000/1250 T60/60M/80/
B 132201A

This is different than the packaging on my previous electrodes:
Torch series: Legacy
T/RT series
Quantity: 5
40A - 80a
Torch series compatible on:

Could this be the problem? If not, what? I have reinstalled three times with the same result. My amps are set at 30-35 where they always are, and I have not changed any settings on the cutter.

This may be the time to upgrade to a machine torch for the 1250. Which one? Still have DHC table, will the mounting that exists work for a new machine torch?

Please help, my local guys know absolutely nothing about the torches, much less ones attached to a table and computer.

Thanks, everyone.


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