Powermax 105 1/2 plate with 105 amp consumables

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Powermax 105 1/2 plate with 105 amp consumables

Post by Dynatorch78 » Fri Mar 15, 2019 8:38 pm

So I've been told over an over to use the smallest consumables at the lowest amperage possible for the best cuts over and over.
I have a job that is 1/2 steel plate that needs to be deadly accurate. I usually use 65 amp stuff for that and it works fine. I tried 45 amp and that was no fun whatsoever. I figured what the hell, let's crank it up. 105 amps 141 volts, .7 second pierce delay, 60 inches per minute, corner speed is 85 percent of that. Machine is a Dynatorch xls 5x10.

Best cuts I've ever seen on 1/2 plate that was not high definition. Crank it up and let her eat!! Parts are dead nuts.

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Re: Powermax 105 1/2 plate with 105 amp consumables

Post by CGT80 » Sat Mar 16, 2019 2:05 am

I had a similar experience with the powermax 65. Cut quality wasn't any worse with the 65 amp vs. 45 amp for 1/4" plate.

The one that really surprised me was running a non shielded cap and 65 amp consumables on 1/2" AR500 plate. I burned up two shields on one part and only had the non shielded cap (probably the wrong term and Jim Colt will scold me!) so I gave it a try. Color me impressed with the cut quality. Most of it was around 2.5 degrees of angle with some at 5 degrees and it was quite smooth with almost no dross on the back. It was my first time cutting AR500. Plus, there are no holes to fill with steel being blown out from the pierce and it would take a catastrophe to melt the cap. Now, I don't know why the machine ruined the two caps and I am still learning.........maybe with more knowledge I could get even better results with a shield, but I am pleased.

The thin part is 1/4" pickled and oiled plate that was laser cut, and is some scrap I got free with my certiflat weld table. The 1/2" AR 500 became magnetized after being cut and the scrap is stuck to it like a magnet..........a new one for me. The 1/2" plate was a larger target from my steel supplier and I cut a chicken and ram from it for silhouette shooting. They didn't sell remnants or AR500. I don't know how the plate was cut before I got it. The laser and plasma cut pieces are both as they came off the tables, minus a very quick and light scraping on the back of the thicker part I cut.

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