Diamond Plate

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Diamond Plate

Post by bgrosserode » Fri Jan 14, 2022 12:56 pm

We're working on a project that requires 1/4" Diamond Plate mild steel. My table doesn't have the auto adjust, and was just seeking advice from someone who has cut diamond plate steel. 1) Would we be better off laying the diamond side down and then cut, or keep the diamond side up? 2) Would bump the depth setting to ensure a full cut is being made etc.?

Thank you all for your input!

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Re: Diamond Plate

Post by Jason@bc » Fri Jan 14, 2022 1:21 pm

I have torch height control on my table, but when I've had grief with the THC I have flipped the sheet so diamond faces down, worked great. Just make sure your parts are placed the right way...so the diamond part is on the side where you want it to be.

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Re: Diamond Plate

Post by tnbndr » Fri Jan 14, 2022 1:55 pm

I leave the diamonds up but usually bump up the voltage to guarantee a thru cut. Sometimes I have had to slow down a bit also.
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