motors jerking after pressing reset in mach3

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motors jerking after pressing reset in mach3

Post by eddieburnsii » Sun Feb 18, 2018 10:16 pm

I don't know why but after running this machine for 1 year, today when I started it up all the motors started jerking around after turning off the flashing reset button in Mach3. All 3 axis are doing it. As soon as I click the reset button again they stop moving. So it is only happening when Mach3 is taken out of reset. I can load and run a program but the motors continue to jerk as the program is trying to run. Home built 5x10 table with Precision Plasma HD gantry kit, CandCNC BladeRunner Dragon Cut 620-4 ethercut DTHC IV electronics package, sheetcam tng, Mach3. I have pics and short videos if that will help someone help me quickly. We are getting behind on work fast.

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