Plasma Cam software update!!

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Re: Plasma Cam software update!!

Post by superfly611 » Fri May 24, 2013 4:17 pm

following! We just got our PlasmaCam a couple of weeks ago and still setting it up. Looking forward to your consolidated notes.
ok so the notes aren't so much of notes are they are some simple things to consider before buying and questions to ask. DO NOT quote us on the prices. sometimes things change or its lost in translation if you know what i mean. i thought there was more to the notes but i was mistaken my dad is the one who took them. sorry if it doesn't make sense they were just random things we thought of when we were considering buying.

the table is put together and we are getting metal soon to create the downdraft.
we have the hypertherm powermax 65 plasma cutter that we just picked up yesterday.
i have a dell optiplex 745 1.8ghz core 2 duo with windows 7 64bit installed and 4gb of RAM 1tb of hard drive storage (overkill i know). i am installing the design edge software tomorrow as well as coreldraw. does anyone have any opinions on the x5 or x6? i have the x6 but i don't know if there are going to be compatibility issues with drawings and if i should consider the x5 instead. i havent used it yet but i heard guys recommending coreldraw for more advanced drawings. still have to figure out the designedge software.
anyway, looking forward to working on it with my dad this weekend and getting more ready. probably will be ready to cut next weekend. :)
hope it will helps others or sparks other questions to ask or research.
oh we were looking at the torchmate so thats why theres some reference to the torchmate in the notes. we decided to go with the plasmacam instead. they were very helpful on the phone and we look forward to using the plasmacam.

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