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DXF files

Posted: Wed Dec 12, 2012 9:44 pm
by benval76
I recently downloaded the statue of liberty file posted here on plasmaspider. When I went to cut it out there was a lot of straight cuts in the file. I spent about an hour so cleaning the nodes up to get a better quality cut. I then exported this file as a dxf. The next day I opened the dxf I had saved to do a little more cleanup work. To my dismay, when I imported the file, the nodes that I had switched to curved node were instead replaced with several corner nodes. I am running Torchmate Cad 8. I tried this on a couple of other files that I wanted to clean up, each time with the same type of result. If I open up some of my purchased files (Gary's Signtorch) they come import as nice clean files with curve, tangent, and corner nodes that form a nice clean cut file. Am I doing something wrong in the export process? Has anyone else encountered this type of problem? At the moment I am saving all of my reworked files as a Cadlink drawing as well so that I don't lose my work. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ben.

Re: DXF files

Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2012 2:01 pm
by jmsrbrt
I think it might be something in that particular file (original). I get the same results in Torchmate 5. I can export it after I change things, and when I re-import, I'm back to original, or worse.