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Ohmic Cap Issues

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Ohmic Cap Issues

Postby cgriffin224 » Mon Nov 28, 2016 1:22 pm

Hey guys,

New around here, and just wanted to make sure this was in the correct section. I am working with a torchmate 3, accumove 3, and a hypertherm 65 currently and it is throwing me through a loop. Recently while cutting (Not sure if it was during the cut or what) the ohmic cap stopped reading. Regardless of what is tried, it will not complete the circuit to signal that the ohmic cap is reading whatsoever. Tried hooking the ground directly to the cap, etc, still nothing. While on the phone with torchmate, we were informed that our Accumove, and Accumove VFC were an older outdated version that somehow got shipped to us by accident, as the machine was purchased December of last year. Upon install of the new Accumove and VFC from torchmate, which I received and installed today, I am still facing the same issue. I checked ohmic readout between the ground and cap, reads a steady 17 ohms. I am at a loss... Any insight?


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