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Torchmate doesn't support the products they sell?

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Torchmate doesn't support the products they sell?

Post by tm america » Thu Apr 14, 2016 4:38 pm

I ended up calling torchmate today and first spoke with Joel in tech support about an issue i am having with torchmate cad 8.1 not exporting svg files as a 1 to 1 ratio.It exports as around .75 to one..When the other 6 cad softwares all export svg as a 1 to 1.. These issues are non exsistant with bobcad,turbocad,inkscape,cambam,shetchup,or fusion360. so i am asking if there is a setting or a reason it doesn't output at the correct scale?.Joel who didn't even know what an svg was told me that torchmate cad does not support svg..so i say to him it is an export option in their software.. I ask him to open up torchmate cad so i can explain to him where it is .. Joel then tells me that he will not do that ..They only support the software if you are using it on a torchmate machine??I say how could you support it if you don't even know what an svg is and svg is an export option of your machine?He then basically gives me attitude since it was 2006 when i purchased torchmate cad 8.1 from them for 870 bucks?I say well that seems pretty crappy since i build machines and have sent probably 50 customers to them that purchased torchmate cad?Which is over 40,000 in sales i have sent them just to get treated like crap.. So i ask Joel if i can speak with another tech support member that knows what an svg file is and understands the software they sell so i can get assistance with my question he says No??Umm excuse me???so i say can i speak with a manager?He says no i would need to call the manufacturer?I say well last time i checked i purchased torchmate cad from torchmate which was made by torchmate?he says he can give me the number but refuses to say the number slow enough that you can hear it or write it down??
So i call back and get the operator who i tell i need to speak to a manager.. She says sure i will take the message?Which he either didn't get or decided not to call me back..SO i call back again and finally get to speak to a manager Jeff who is the guy who was suppose to call me back??I say to myself wow they are really giving me the run around!!!!! He tells me they do not do training on the software .i say i have had it for ten yrs i don't need training i am calling about an issue with the software.. He says they don't support the software and i would need to contact the manufacturer but when i ask him for the contact info he says he doesn't have a number for them and i would need to search online for it??He tells me they only sell machines and only support machines?But last time i checked they sell the software separately?
So i say to him this is how you treat people who have pushed your product and sent over 40,000 in sales your way?Why would anyone want to purchase your product when this is the customer service you give for items you have sold?He then tells me it changes when lincoln purchased them?so now i say why would i purchase a Lincoln or torchmate as they do this to long time customers ??Really sucks that As a billion dollar company they can't provide better customer service...Very let down with torchmate ..I will not be purchasing from them ever again nor will i be suggesting them and passing their contact info along after this..So many ways they could have handled it differently but this is the route they chose to go?To me if there is no setting or way to deal with the issue they might have suggested that is one of the issues they fixed with the later versions of the software?..But instead they decide to treat you like the typical corporate run big box company and unless they can sell you something else they can not help you ..

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Re: Torchmate doesn't support the products they sell?

Post by gamble » Thu Apr 14, 2016 8:41 pm

Yep torchmate has been going down hill for the past few years. As well as peoples attitudes.
When I worked in customer service if I didn't know an answer you can bet your ass I would find one for you.
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