Torchmate CAD v9 weld problem

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Torchmate CAD v9 weld problem

Post by TexasTittyTwistR » Fri Jul 05, 2019 12:26 am

I'm brand new to the world of CNC plasma cutting and CAD software. I acquired a torchmate water table and I've been watching all the tutorials and trying to learn the CAD software. I've developed a basic understanding of it.

My current unsolved problem is with using the weld feature to create bridges to hold the center of letters. Regardless of what font I'm using, when I create the rectangles and put them in place, then do a basic weld, it changes my letters even though I've already done "text to graphic" and "make path". It makes all of my letters really skinny as soon as I use the basic weld button to put my bridges in place.

I wasn't having this problem before. What went wrong?

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ben de lappe
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Re: Torchmate CAD v9 weld problem

Post by ben de lappe » Fri Jul 05, 2019 10:18 am

Hi TTTR! Welcome to plasma.
I still use v7.1 but things should be similar enough to help you here. My steps for editing text as follows.
1) Type your text.
2) Select "Arrange" and click "Text to graphics".
3) At this time draw you bridge/shape as desired.
4) Select your bridge and while holding the shift key select the letter. Or drag a box around the letter and bridge, selecting both.
5) Now that the letter and bridge are selected as a whole click your "Weld" symbol and from the menu select "X or Weld".
6) At this time select the portion of the bridge you wish to remove and hit "delete". Once the interior and exterior portions of the bridge have been removed one is left with an edited character in TM cad.
Hope this helps. Need any further assistance feel free to PM me and we'll get this resolved in no time.

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Re: Torchmate CAD v9 weld problem

Post by RedEdge » Mon Aug 19, 2019 10:40 am

You could have asked the guy who sold it to you, but after you stiffed him a few hundred dollars he probably wouldn't be very helpful.

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