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Software help

Posted: Thu May 10, 2018 1:20 am
by Magee8592
Got a 7 year old Dynatorch 6 x 12 cnc plasma table. Our animatic smartmotors sm23615dt just stop working one day no warning and they say they are fried. Lost 2 within a year. Bought 2 from eBay only to find out when we got them they are class 5 so won't work with the Dynatorch stuff. Boss is at point now where we gotta get retrofit kit from Dynatorch with there new from different company. And they have to drive from Tennessee to pa to do all of this for us once they build the retrofit. My question is they any other kinds of software that will allow it to recognize both the class 4 and Class 5 motors. New motors are 800 a piece and that could get pricey. Or is there anything else i can do to get by. Any info is appreciated thanks.

Re: Software help

Posted: Thu May 10, 2018 3:47 pm
by tcaudle
We have had several DT customers do retofits over the years. We have never used "Smart" motors. Conventional "dumb" servos are less that 1/2 the price . Separate drivers and motors let you replace one without the other.