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Software switch from ArtCam Express

General software related questions should be posted here.
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Software switch from ArtCam Express

Postby rhskinny » Thu Feb 15, 2018 10:02 am

I bought a CNC plasma table from a company about 6 years ago. The package included the CAD software ArtCam Express which is no longer available for purchase because Autodesk bought the company that used to make the software. The reason I am looking at getting a new CAD program is because I can't get any support for ArtCam any longer and am also looking at replacing my computer and I don't think it would work with the new operating system on new computer. Is there anyone out there that used to use ArtCam Express and switched to something else? Autodesk offers software that is subscription based only, and being that I don't use my art program that often it would be too expensive to use. Is Inkscape the best program for me or should I get something else like Corel? No matter what program I switch to there is going to be a steep learning curve unfortunately.

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Re: Software switch from ArtCam Express

Postby little blue choo » Thu Feb 15, 2018 7:55 pm

Inkscape and Corel are a lot alike. Inkscape is FREE!!! Corel is not. LOL I love my Inkscape and haven't found anything I couldn't do with it yet.

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Re: Software switch from ArtCam Express

Postby acourtjester » Thu Feb 15, 2018 9:47 pm

The problem is artCam is a CAM program and Inkscape is a drawing program. The CAM type program takes a drawing and converts it in to a G-code.
SheetCam is a great CAM program but it does not do many of the functions ArtCam does. Where the difference is programs like ArtCam are more of a carving CAM program or you may look at it like a 3D as it will move the 3 axis all at once. I have bought a simple carve type CAM program and it is called Estlcam V10 it will do carving type fuctions but it does not look as pretty as ArtCAM while using it.
I to was upset when they went to a subscription type service (the greed just overtook them :twisted: ), and many other will follow (not good for hobbyist, and they don't care) :evil:.
Inkscape is great I love it too.
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