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Fusion 360 Questions

General software related questions should be posted here.
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Fusion 360 Questions

Postby pitbumpers » Sun Aug 27, 2017 11:28 am

Has anyone started drawing and burning, using Fusion 360. I just down loaded a trial version and It looks fantastic, but I am just starting out.

I will be using an LDR table, when it arrives next month, cant wait !!!!

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Re: Fusion 360 Questions

Postby tcaudle » Sun Aug 27, 2017 12:19 pm

Wont work. No available POSTs for plasma . You can use it to draw with and then move a DXF into SheetCAM that has the correct posts to match the hardware you are getting. Without the custom SheetCAM post (that come with the system) you lose access to a lot of the automation features you paid for on your LDR table.Things like: Auto Touch -off, Setting the Preset volts, Pierce Height, Cut height, DTHC On/off and (exclusive to a Hypertherm ) control the Cut Current from software.

The systems comes preloaded with a CAD program (QCAD) and a pure drawing program (Inkscape) . Fusion 360 won't run on LINUX
All you can use your plasma table for is to cut 2D (flat or round) and Fusion 360 is way overkill for that relatively simple drawing process. The important things happen in the CAM that takes the drawing and makes it into a toolpath and control program.
YOu CAD/Drawing program choice depends a lot on what you are going to do with the table. If its a job shop / autoshop /fabrication where you just need brackets , parts for welding and fabrication, etc then a simple 2D CAD program is fine. If you anticiapte cutting anything decorative using vector or scanned art and Fonts then a true drawing program like Inkscpape (or CorelDraw on a Windows platform) . Whats the difference? Drawing programs or object oriented and you can Weld and trim objects (including text) into shapes to cut and there is a world of available vector clip art including SVG , EPS, AI and DXF files (here for free). Its important to note that while a drawing program does better at decorative design it still can be used for simple 2D or 2.5D layout work. It has object and grid snap along with and accurate sizing and positioning to 4 decimal places. We use CorelDraw for doing plasma designs but it also does files for our HAAS VMC and older Bridgeport. While basic fusion 360 is free for a year its ultimately a"subscription service you pay monthly or yearly to the tune of about 360.00 per year. (Inkscape is an open source (free) clone of Coreldraw)

There are some misconceptions about LINUX and Windows. Outside the fact software made just for Windows will not run on LINUX, all of the file structures and communications are the same so you can sit up
simple peer-to-peer (or WIFI) networks and move files back and forth with a mouse click. A file done in an application that CAN run on either platform (Like Inkscape and SheetCAM0 can be opened and used on either or both platforms. The user interface is completely GUI but unlike Windows it does not come with everything embedded in the OS. It does not sit on top of the hardware like WIndows and it does not (like Windows 10) automatically update and upgrade anything it can find an internet connection.

If you goal is to do some decorative routing (not just 2.5 D with straight sides) then its a good idea to look at the Vetric products like VCarve Pro and its higer end program named Aspire. Its pricey for the hobby guy until you factor in how much it can do if you need that power.

There are tutorials on Inkscape at

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Re: Fusion 360 Questions

Postby pitbumpers » Sat Sep 02, 2017 10:10 am

Wow I think I hit the jack pot here. Thank you very much for the info, that is very informative. I shall look into this.
Thank you again, I love this site !!

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Re: Fusion 360 Questions

Postby rbmgf7 » Wed Oct 04, 2017 7:45 pm

Fusion 360 posting through SheetCAM. The rendering was for another model which is why the design and actual are different. Merged into "relief bend" files, cut, and weld.



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Re: Fusion 360 Questions

Postby Rough-n-Ready » Fri Feb 16, 2018 12:28 am

I would disagree that fusion 360 is overkill for plasma cutting. It has a sheet metal mode which is amazing for designing 3d parts that would be cut from sheet and then assembled/folded into non-flat parts. I realize not everyone needs to do things like this, but it's wonderful for doing automotive parts or anything that you might make out of sheet, but isn't just flat.

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