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Problems with Exported DXF files - Randon Circles on Drawing

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Problems with Exported DXF files - Randon Circles on Drawing

Postby toni.ressaire » Sat Jul 14, 2012 9:07 am

Hi all, I'm new to the forum and new to plasma cutting. In fact, new to any type of CAM, CAD, or CNC cutting; however, I've been designing for a long time for other types of outputs.

My father-in-law purchased a Galaad (We live in France) and he has no idea how to use any design software, so I've been creating designs. I've had one design actual work through the conversion process. I'm having difficulty with the rest. The problem seems to lie somewhere after the Illustrator (exported to DXF using EXDXF-Pro trial; will buy if this is solving some conversion issues) is imported into Galaad's software. I've figured out most of the issues on my own (reducing node count, welding, making sure all geometry is closed, etc.) I think the problem now is with angles? I'm getting these little circles at angle points and the CNC machine seems to get whacked out by them.

I have tried some automated tools in Galaad that I think opens the angles so they are not so sharp. But when I use this command, it appears to draw a new outline, leaving the old one with the circles at the angles.

After weeks of trying to figure this one out, I'm completely lost. The design I was trying today looks great in Illustrator and seems to look fine in Galaad, except for those nasty little circles. When I try cutting, the machine gets to those areas and just goes off in the wrong direction, not following the design.

I should note that these problematic angles are at a place in the design that has curves. I used Illustrator's live trace and then did some clean up. After importing to Galaad, I converted everything to polylines. I believe I have all polylines.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. I'll be sure to share my designs in this forum when I know they are all working.


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