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Importing Illustrator DXF file?

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Importing Illustrator DXF file?

Postby drewby07 » Tue Apr 27, 2010 10:44 am

I am pretty good in illustrator, but I'm having a problem importing my files into my Plasma Automation software. I read in another thread that this may be because of the large number of "nodes" in the DXF file I'm exporting from Illustrator. Does anyone know how to remedy this? I'm not sure I'm selecting the proper options during the AI export process.

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Re: Importing Illustrator DXF file?

Postby kendall69 » Wed Dec 07, 2011 4:26 pm

Did you try jut cut and pasting. That has worked for me in the past.

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Re: Importing Illustrator DXF file?

Postby SignTorch Vector Art » Wed Dec 07, 2011 5:39 pm

AI has two DXF export options

The first one is built in, it only exports to DXF with splines, which is not compatible with a lot of CAD/CAM software.

The second one is a trial export plugin called EXDXF from Baby Universe, it seems to work good.

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