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Fine cut settings

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Fine cut settings

Post by waldner33 » Sun Apr 15, 2018 7:14 pm

hi I need help with my ez cut cnc , when I wanna select fincut 45 amp sheilded 14ga to cut art it is not an option in the handheld pendant ,(that I added from multicam) if I select non shielded it don't work ,for it doesn't cut right , should I make my own 45 a shielded fine cut 14ga parameter or just get a non shielded nozzle? for cutting art and stuff like that, will non shielded be ok? what's the shield for ? will it not just come down touch the tip , or cant it use the tip for auto height? if I need parameters JIM COLT could help me out here, as for my manual it lists only 45 fincut not saying shielded or unshielded , unless it would be the same? I got a 85a powermax with a ezcut cnc 5x10 table, also maybe I could just get the latest powermax parameter file for my machine /plasma cutter . anyhow thanks if anyone can give me advice to make a nicer cut with finecut , the 45a -85a shielded works great. steve waldner I'm new I the plasma world had it for 4 months and love it

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Re: Fine cut settings

Post by rdj357 » Sun Apr 15, 2018 9:38 pm

The FineCut process is a shielded process and the settings in your book are for use with the shield.
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