Splatter on top of peirce.

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Splatter on top of peirce.

Post by Swick73 » Sun Feb 04, 2018 2:17 am

Not sure if I’m answering my own question. When cutting 3/16 with my Hypertherm 85 I’m getting splatter on top when piercing and some places not cutting all the way through along with a bevel cut, like torch is to high. Two things, I didn’t realize at first I had been cutting on the 45 setting. Second, when I started the cut in the 85 mild setting it got worse. I pulled sheild and nozzle off and noticed the splatter was in the sheild covering some of the air holes. Was cutting on the 45 setting the cause or is there another issue?

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Re: Splatter on top of peirce.

Post by jimcolt » Sun Feb 04, 2018 11:24 am

Assuming you are cutting on a cnc machine, the best bet is to open the operators manual and follow the recommendations there exactly. The settings are: pierce height, pierce delay, cut height (physical) , arc voltage (which you use on machines with arc voltage height control) amperage and cut speed. Be sure that when you choose a particular process level that you have the correct consumable parts in the torch. Running a 45 amp nozzle at 85 amps will instantly damage the nozzle and it will never cut well again. When you see steel inside the shield...that means you are piercing too close or with inadequate pierce delay time!

For best cut quality:

Use Fine cut consumables and settings between 26 gauge and 10 gauge. Use 45 amp shielded for thicknesses between 12 gauge and 1/4". Use 65 amp shielded for thicknesses between 1/4" and 5/8", and use the 85 amp shielded for thicknesses above 1/2" with maximum piercing capacity to 3/4".

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