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Some wavy cuts, Y axis shudder

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Some wavy cuts, Y axis shudder

Post by Sonic340 » Sat Jan 13, 2018 1:07 pm

It seems that at certain speeds, my Y axis is giving me a wavy cut. There is a very slight shudder with forward and back movement of the bridge and since I’m new to all of this I’m wondering if anyone can help.
I’ve got a 4x4 IPlasmaCNC table, Hypertherm 45XP cutter. I’ve checked all of the bolts on the table for looseness, I’ve checked all of the roller guides that ride in the V channel, I’ve cleaned and lubed everything, and I’ve checked the tension in the belts as well and can’t seem to fin a solution. If I slow the cutting speed way down and decrease my amps it does make it better but that’s not really a solution to my problem.
I didn’t notice it much initially when I was trying to get this all set up and figured out, but when I switched to fine consumables it seemed like the effect was way more pronounce. Either that or the problem just happened to start developing about the same time. Very frustrating! Any ideas? Can the 2 motors ever get out of sync or am I overthinking this?

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Re: Some wavy cuts, Y axis shudder

Post by SeanP » Sat Jan 13, 2018 2:19 pm

I'm just starting to see a bit of this on mine in one direction, my linear bearings are just getting a bit clunky, I spotted it by clamping a upright straight edge on the Z axis say 2' tall , jog the drive and it exaggerates any bearing problems, might not be that in your case, does't take much though to show up on cuts.
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