Stops cutting periodically with 45amp finecut

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Stops cutting periodically with 45amp finecut

Post by DCMW » Wed Oct 18, 2017 8:44 am

I have a Hypertherm 65 and primarily use the fine cut 45a tips. But periodically it will just stop cutting while in the middle of cutting, and say that arc voltage was lost or something like that (Plasmacam). But if using a 65a tip, it cuts non stop with no problem. Not sure what to do. Ive lowered the cut height, ive slowed the torch down. Any help is appreciated.

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Re: Stops cutting periodically with 45amp finecut

Post by larrycameron44 » Wed Nov 22, 2017 6:48 pm

Hi, my 2cents.
If you had this issue just after a nozzle and electrode change then reduce a speed by 25% for the next 40-50 pierces and then back to normal speed.

Larry Cameron

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